Artist's Statement

My website aims to describe my journey from inspiration to art.  Every quilt has a story.  These stories are as important to me as the finished quilts.  I hope knowing these stories will help you understand what the quilts mean to me.


Working as an artist is as critical to me as breathing.  I have always done it.  I always will. 


Inspiration for my wall quilts comes from the world around me.  Words may leap from a page, a hymn or poem and I see a quilt idea.  When I see the line of a fence against tall corn, the very first spring green in the trees on a hillside, freeway ramps wrapped around city buildings, the neighbors’ barn, the complexity of the center of a flower or the quiet sweeping horizontal lines of rich crops on the prairie, I want to preserve these images in fabric.


I have a background in many forms of art and training in traditional quilting techniques, but I found my voice in art quilting.  My quilts are rich in color, varieties of textiles and textures.  I employ machine and hand sewing and needle felting techniques.  Luscious paints, dye resists, color discharge and unexpected fibers find their way into my work as well.  Tiny quilts which I call “ConTEXTual quilts” are colorful reminders of thoughts and spirit.

Artist's Statement
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