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I was born in Forest City, Iowa, where my connection to art began as a small child. I was always making something.  I saved bits of fabric, paper, string, paint, wood, interesting rocks – because “I can make something with this”. 

I was influenced deeply by my father, Gordon Gjelten, an architect who thrived on working with his hands and seeing beauty in the world around him. I studied art and languages at Luther College and in Norway where I developed a keen interest in Viking art and modern Scandinavian design.  After a short stint in grad school in Seattle, my careers in education, incentive marketing and sports marketing took me to many, many beautiful places all over the world.  But I always had an art project with me– at meetings, at lunch-time and on the plane.

I married Jay, a great friend from high school in my 40s.  Together we had a son, Ben, when I was 50. Ben is the only thing that really keeps me out of my very crowded studio.  I later lost my husband to brain cancer.  Dragonflies are often featured in my quilts symbolizing Jay and his love of flying.  

I am an art quilter, loving all kinds of textures and fibers, interpreting experiences and favorite images into wall quilts.  I love to teach and write about quilting.  My design book is full of inspiration for the projects to come!


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