Liturgical Textiles
My father was an architect and designed many churches.  He spoke often about church design and the connections between the designs and the liturgical history of the church.  I have a deep interest in the use of textiles in faith images.  I have had an exciting opportunity to work on a project providing paraments for a non-denominational multi-faith chapel which is a part of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I researched common symbolic colors of major religions and designed the paraments in five series:  white, red, green, purple and blue.  Each color series included and full frontal alter cloth (floor to floor), a lectern cloth, a chaplain stole, a book mark and a banner. The white series here was a slight exception in that it was designed specifically for Easter. Each of the color series played off of the chapel's lovely stained glass window designed by Mike and Stephanie Podulke. 2011 - 2014
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