I love using beautiful words in quilts.  Phrases from hymns often find their way into my quilts.

Tend and nourish

Streams of mercy, never ceasing

Endless ocean, deeper than all of our need

Precious river, ever flowing

Now carry us home

Blue light of winterís long night

This little light of mine

Now the green blade rises

In the moon of wintertime

Could December flies away

Midnight clear

Let the whole creation cry

Create in me a clean heart

Renew my spirit

Wake, awake! For night is flying

Midnight stars make bright the sky

Softly and tenderly

Nestling bird

Priceless treasure

Consider the lilies

Oh, happy day

Restored by love

Our love is bigger than our anger

Light dawns on a weary world

Be an instrument of peace


Create peace

Lay your trophies down, come with empty hands. He will fill you up

Go in peace

Inspire our tongues

No rules

Love come again

Follow a path of love

Gather us in

Forgive.  Forget.

Life is delicious

Plant, nurture, harvest love

Love divine, all loves excelling

Pure, unbounding love

Time, like an ever-rolling stream bears all our years away

The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace

Pilot me

Allow no weeds

Serve with mirth




Lost in the night

As the sun with longer journey melts the winter snow and ice

Heaven is singing for joy

Now rest beneath nightís shadow

Love comes again, like wheat arising green

I cannot follow where you shall go

Find your star, your sun, your path

Bind up our wounds

It is well with my soul

Peace to sooth our bitter woes

Right, not might

Now the silence, now the peace

Right, not might

This I know

I am certain

How can I keep from singing?

Waiting, watching, searching

Evening shadows fall

Steadfast love

The night draws near

Built on a rock

Be strong, Be loving, Be fearless


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