Bring to Class:

Small plastic tub for water (At least the size of Cool Whip – Not as big as dishpan)




Shared materials (provided) include:

Glue and Sticker Resist Fabric Painting


Learn two methods of surface design using readily available materials in this fun class. Participants will learn both techniques and work at creating original pieces.  Glue resist fabric painting requires some drying time, so sample practice pieces will be available for participants to paint.  Each participant will be able to paint a minimum of one prepared design, create one glue drawing and create (and paint) one sticker resist piece.  These pieces can be quilted at home, so there is no need to bring your sewing machine to this class.  (….but be prepared to make a little mess!)


The sticker resist technique was featured in the December 2009 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, and reprinted in “Best of...” publications since.


Available as a half day workshop or combined with other workshops for 1 or 2 day “Learn and Play Day” workshop.

Class kit (required)  cost $15 will include:

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