Class and lecture terms

Class and Lecture Fees


˝ Day workshop (4 hours)                        $ 400   Up to 20 participants

Full Day workshop (7 hours)                     $ 650   Up to 20 participants

Two-Day “Learn and Play Day”               $1000  Up to 20 participants

Lecture and Trunk Show                           $ 450

Kit fee for combined workshops                $  20


Guild will also cover costs of transportation (air travel from Minnesota, mileage, luggage costs, hotel, meals and other authorized expenses).


Contact Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum for additional information and to contract for class.

Learn and Play Day Workshop


Do you ever wish that you could try different techniques without having to invest in a lot of tools and materials for each process?  Do you ever wish you could go back to art class and just spend a day playing and experimenting? The Learn and Play Day Workshop is a perfect opportunity to learn and try several techniques, make a little mess in a place other than your own kitchen and come away with instructions and samples for use in quilting projects. 


The days may be spent solely on play and surface design techniques.  Or class members may be ready to sew on the second day.  It will be student’s choice whether to bring a sewing machine for the second day as we will explore ideas for using the painted and screened pieces.


Instructor will offer bonus techniques in addition to the painting and screening projects for the Learn and Play Days. (possible examples: Wiry Words, Working with Organzas, Paint to Produce Perfect Fabric)

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